Memory Café Brought to you by Stoney River Memory Care & MARCC


2nd Wednesday of each month


10:30 a.m. to Noon


Zion United Methodist Church
Across the street from Aldi.
(2106 N Peach Ave. Marshfield)


Sarah Krenn 715-384-7007


Individuals with early to moderate Alzheimer's, their care partners, and those who may be concerned about their memory.


Socialization and information; networking for care partners
(A light lunch & refreshments are provided.)


Being active physically, socially, and mentally is good for the brain.

Parkinson's Conference

An educational event for patients and their care givers, hosted by the Marshfield Area Respite Care Center

September 16, 2019

Holiday Inn and Convention Center
750 S. Central Ave., Marshfield, WI 54449

Fee: $15.00

We ask that you call to register to assist us in planning seating and meals.

Adult daycare services will be available; again we ask that you register for this service.

There will be a “hospitality room” open to any individuals requiring a break from the conference and a place to rest.

Funding for this program has been provided by Marshfield Clinic, Medtronic Neurological, UCB, and Abbvie.

RSVP to Marshfield Area Respite Center: 715-384-8478 or 715-305-8224

23rd Annual Garden Tour

Sunday, June 23, 2019
1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Group Exercise Survey

We are taking a survey. At the Parkinson’s Support Group on February 21, 2019, former Occupational Therapist, Trina Tiffany of Athens demonstrated how to continue BIG and LOUD exercises after completing a 4-week clinical therapy. (Please see our video below.) Tiffany currently offers these group exercise classes in Athens and Colby.

If enough people are interested, Tiffany would be willing to host group exercise classes at Marshfield Area Respite Care Center for those who have completed 4 weeks of BIG and LOUD therapy.

If you are interested in bringing this to Marshfield Area Respite Care Center, please respond to the survey via Facebook or email or 715-384-8478.